Caren Heine
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Imagine being able to capture the essence of your special day in an original work of art that is at once able to immortalize the bouquet at its peak of perfection, and remain a beautiful and valuable focal point in your household for years to come.

Caren can consult with you or your florist to paint the bouquet before the big day - as the most thoughtful and personal wedding present for the bride and groom, or work from your photos to recreate the arrangement in a precious, enduring work of art that will be admired always.

Consider a painting to delight your loved ones for any of the following occasions:

  • Wedding gift (to or between Bride and Groom or their parents)

  • Bridesmaid Gift (bridemaid's bouquet)

  • Anniversary Gift

  • Christening

  • Confirmation

  • Graduation (corsages make gorgeous vignettes)

Feel free to contact Caren to discuss the possibilities!

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