Caren Heine
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Currently exhibiting in the following galleries:

The Gallery in Oak Bay Village Victoria, BC (click to email The Gallery)

Peninsula Gallery Sidney, BC

Broadmead Gallery Saanich, BC (click to email Broadmead Gallery)

Stephen Lowe Gallery Calgary, AB
Butchart Gardens Victoria, BC

Links to Associates:

Jennifer Heine (Jennifer Heine | artist)

Mark Heine (Mark Heine | artist)

Spindrift Studios (Harry, Caren and Mark Heine publications)

Special Travel International (our longtime partners in designing art tours)

Artist Directories and Associations:

Visit ArtistsInCanada.com, a national directory of Canadian artists and art resourcesArtists in Canada.com

www.Agora-Gallery.com SoHo and Chelsea, New York

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